Community Dental Services

What is the Service?

The Community Dental Service provides a dental service available for people of all ages who require a more specialised approach to their care.  People who come into this category are individuals who have mental health problems, learning difficulties, behavioural issues or medical complications.

Dental disease causes severe problems particularly amongst vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of people. Their needs are addressed through community dental clinics and highly skilled dental staff.

The objective is being met through the service provision of:

  • Sedation
  • Dental health education
  • Screening
  • Epidemiology
  • Domiciliary visits

Service Referral - How to Refer and Criteria

A referral is required from a dentist or a health care professional by letter to the appropriate dental practice. For more information on referrals contact 01482 3360000.

Expected Outcomes for the Service

  • To reduce the number of health inequalities in Hull and the East Riding
  • To ensure better dental health for vulnerable and marginalised groups


Future Developments

The team is continually assessing and exploring ways of improving service delivery.   Future developments for the services include:

  • General anaesthetic service – we are in discussion with our Primary Care Trusts to provide this service for children and adults.
  • Employment of hygienists and therapists

Contact and Availability

The service is available Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5.00pm and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm at most locations.

Full list of dental practices

Cottingham Clinic
King Street

Tel: 01482 335190

Bridlington Dental Centre – Community
Bridlington Hospital
Bessingby Road

Tel: 01262 423164

Goole Dental Centre – Community
Goole Health Centre
Woodland Avenue

Tel: 01405 752902

Highlands Health Centre
Lothian Way

Tel: 01482 303620

Morrill Street Health Centre
Morrill Street
Holderness Road

Tel: 01482 335929

The Orchard Centre
210 Orchard Park Road

Tel: 01482 477701

Pocklington Dental Centre – Community
14 Market Place

Tel: 01759 448300

For further information:

Salaried Dental Services
71 -75 Jameson Street

Tel. 01482 336000